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  My Story 

Mikee hard at work, sharing his craft with the world.

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Mikee was a latchkey kid, and often used his imagination to entertain himself and his little brother while their parents worked. Inventing his own games, re-enacting films with LEGO, or LARPing in the street with the neighbourhood kids were some of his favourite pastimes. Coming from a big Filipino family, gatherings always required the kids to perform, and Mikee never missed a chance to entertain. Magic shows, dancing, book reports, you name it! 

Fast forward to high school, a failed drama class performance led Mikee to think that acting might not be his thing and so he leaned in to dance instead. Breakdance, popping, locking, battling and dance crew performances brought him to be cast in the Jabbawockeez Müs.I.C. show in Las Vegas in 2011, which took him all over the US, and eventually, to Australia.

Here, he met the love of his life, who encouraged him to delve back in to acting which also led him to voice over, improv and stand up comedy. Today, Mikee is a seasoned professional and freelance artist of over 15 years, who pours his passion for character and performance into everything he does. You may hear him voice a funny demon in your favourite video game, laugh at his stand up on social media, see his face on TV, or watch him getting his groove on as Dipsy in the animated show Teletubbies Let's Go, on YouTube. Wherever you find him, he hopes you had a good time.

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